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Flavour above all.

Tailoring the Spice Route our way!

Historically, getting the best spices from the East wasn’t always so straight forward. Long journeys, inconsistent quality - and even battles - were the norm. We have taken up the mantle to bring you the best from the East with our delicious, properly authentic and easy-to-cook meals! Welcome to our Spice Route.

Where it all began

We started The Spice Tailor to make premium quality, authentic and delicious Indian (and then South East Asian) food convenient and accessible to you.

We only use the very best, all-natural ingredients - nothing else!
Following tradition

Proper Indian food takes time to cook for a reason! To get those deep layers of flavour, you need to cook ingredients in stages to get the most out of them before adding the next. We cook our food the same way with no shortcuts or fillers!

Our products love everyone

All our products are vegetarian, with no stocks, fish sauces or shrimp pastes. They work for every diet and every occasion and will become your store-cupboard staple as they flavour-up the most humble ingredients!

Leading the pack

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and we taste and approve every batch before you get it, so your cooking will always be stress-free and delicious!

Tailoring to taste

We believe you should use our products in a way that suits you - and to help you do that, we are constantly creating new recipes to suit every taste, lifestyle and situation. From mid-week family meals, to a weekend feast, and from winter warmers, to BBQ favourites. We want to keep everyone inspired, so we keep cooking!

We are said to be the best-kept secret in town. Time to join the club!

The Spice Tailor